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Atheists and Religious People are the Same

No doubt that title is going to trigger a lot of Atheists because quite frankly when you scroll the comments section of any progressive liberal media outlet who have uploaded a video regarding religion you will see comment after comment from Atheists ridiculing people who believe in a Creator. What you will also note is that any response from a person who believes in a Creator will be met with epic sized responses from Atheists ridiculing religion and people who believe in God but not actually giving any evidence to support their own beliefs. The reason you will see such emotionally reactive responses from Atheists is because they are very threatened by anybody who dares to endanger their own belief system and I say belief system because that's exactly what it is and why I titled this blog Atheists and Religious People are the same.

All Atheists have is a different belief than a Religious person, a Religious person believes in a Creator and an Atheist doesn't believe in a Creator but both base their opinion on the same thing...belief. Oh they will argue with you that a lack of belief isn't a belief but it's actually in their own statement, a lack of belief still requires belief in something else. Atheists can't give evidence for first causation, they can't give evidence for what caused the Big Bang or the first life form to appear. According to Atheists everything just came into existence from nothing with no explanation as to how that happened. If ever there was magical illogical thinking then this is it, but apparently according to atheists their belief is superior to a person who believes in God because, well actually, I don't know why because it's not even logical. Which brings me to my next issue with Atheists, they aren't deep thinkers.

You see any deep thinker would never be happy with the explanation of what caused the Big Bang or the first life form to come into existence with “just because”. A deep thinker keeps exploring and asking questions and that's what brings most deep thinkers to the next big hole in the Atheists belief system, nature has laws...yes! Nature has mathematical design at it most basic cellular level, this is where Atheists will proclaim “But the Golden Mean Ratio can't be found in every living thing?” Really? So even though you won't find the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Mean ratio in the outward appearance of all structures and living things you will find it in the DNA of every living creature and even on a macro level you will find the Golden Mean Ratio in the orbits of the planets in our solar system. But let's not just stop at the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Mean Ratio because there are other mathematical designs inherent in our natural world like Blaise Pascal's Triangle and my favourite Sierpiński's triangle which proves that chaos is only an illusion. However apparently according to Atheists we have to believe that these laws of nature are just random too. Even though they can't explain how and even though it makes no logical sense that something shown not be random at all can be random, because if there is design there has to be a designer. Unfortunately though, what I have discovered is that a lot of Atheists aren't deep thinkers because their lack of belief in a Creator is not a conclusion they've arrived at after contemplating their existence but actually an emotional response to a hatred for organized religion. This is usually due to some childhood trauma at the hands of organized religion and so instead of just turning their back on organized religion they blame God for the failures of men who make these religions in God's name. The fact is anybody with even a bit of common sense would consider confining the Creator of the Universe within the perimeters of any one organised religion as a complete insult to said Creator.

Now don't think because you've presented your logical case and evidence for a Creator to an Atheist that they will see the error in their beliefs, oh no, these people are too emotionally invested in their belief to ever be shaken from it. They will deflect the debate over to Darwinism, oh yes, deflection and insults are the only weapon of the Atheist. Because they know they can't actually give any evidence to support their own beliefs they will try and hook you into to arguing the semantics of the “Theory of Evolution”, and when you remind them that evolution is just a theory they will drag you

into a debate on the definition of scientific theory. Don't take the bait, if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself having to defend your own beliefs from these zealots of the modern science cult just keep taking it back to the heart of the matter...they have no evidence for their beliefs, none, zip, ziltch, zero. While at least those of us who believe in a Creator can give the design found in our natural world as evidence of a designer they can't give any evidence for their beliefs at all! So in conclusion, the arrogance and superiority Atheists project at those who believe in something different than them is unwarranted. The fact is their non belief still requires belief in something else which they have no evidence for which means they are no different to a religious person.


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