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New Year, New Horizons

I first want to say sorry that I've let this website languish for so long, unfortunately other parts of my life have taken center stage in my experience as a human at this time and my absence from this site was a result of that. However I have been curating other areas of my life trying to find some purpose in existing on this terrafirma ball when it's apparent that humanity has completely lost their way. Let's face it, earth is a fucking insane asylum at the moment and it's not easy for a soul to navigate these times without having to exist as part of this dying artificial world. All we can really do is try and stay on our paths without being too affected by all the continued external distractions.

That said I do intend to share more of my research here on my blog just please don't hold me to a regimented time frames for these posts. My main intention for this website is always about having somewhere a seeker can access links and connections to all Ancient Lore (which is humanity's lore by birthright as a divine creation of God). As the Knowledge itself tells us all Ancient Lore from humanity's many religions and cultures all descends from the same Source, the One All Mighty Creator. The Prime Creator gifted divine revelation to all His divine children to all the different races because He created them all. Each of the races interpreted and expressed the knowledge in their own way as myths, lore, legend, scriptures but at the heart of it always about the All Mighty Creator and his offspring, the gods who then gave birth to mortal humanity.

It is only now that our civilization is in a state of spiritual decline we can no longer recognize the truth behind these Ancient Texts and Mythos and their interpretation is open to being manipulated by those who have taken control of them. Just look at the Catholic Church who have literally marked their stamp of ownership on the Scriptures and their interpretations and if you didn't agree with them 600 years ago they'd burn you and your family at the stake, nor were you permitted to seek knowledge beyond the pages of that one Book.

The truth that they don't want you to know is that you don't need them to have a relationship with your Creator or to know yourself beyond the material manifestation of your soul, a soul which has a divine spark within it that is connected to the All Mighty. So take that spark and add to it, nurture it so it grows, live a conscious life in alignment with nature and Universal Law and you will see the guideposts to your best destiny during your physical incarnation on the material plane.

Seeking out an understanding for yourself is the best place to start with your spiritual journey, once you understand you are much more than just your physical container it allows you to find significance in that part of your ethereal nature. The majority of society are materialists, they cannot see beyond that corpse they're dragging around everyday, they don't understand that the physical body is merely the ship being steered by the aethereal pilot. It is hard to live in a society of materialists when you understand yourself at that level, so be warned any of you who are just on the first steps of finding the truth, just know it comes at a cost of never really being able to fit back into society full of materialists as well as you did before.

So now the Season's Festivities have faded back into a return to the real world I thought I would update the site and just reconnect with you all. I hope you all had a nice Christmas and wish you well in your travels forward this coming year, may your path ahead be illuminated and your connection to your Creator and divinity remain steadfast and strong.

I will leave you with a small blog post about Saturnalia, I know it's a bit late but in my defense I did post it on my MeWe Page, if you want some additional information regarding Saturn and the symbols of Saturn then you can also check out my video regarding the symbols related to Saturn, Kronos, etc.

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