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The Truth about Saturnalia

Despite the rampant misinformation about Saturnalia, it was not a festival celeberating the devil and death like the propaganda pushed on those who rarely do any independent research off social media. To find the truth about Saturnalia you just need to read the actual Ancient Greek Texts to know that it was actually a celebration of the leveling of the field and the Golden Age.

Saturnalia is the celebration of a time in the Great Year regardless of what Fortune bestowed on you to be your lot in life. Whether you were fated to be a rich man in your present incarnation or somebody who hadn't been dealt an easy hand and had to work for their successes Saturnalia represents a time where you would be weighed on how honorable you were regardless of your status. Mankind has conveniently forgotten or chosen to deny that there will be a time when all souls will be judged for their actions over their incarnations, Christians know it as the Great Judgement, the Ancient Romans called it Saturnalia, The Greeks called it Kronia, the Muslims call it Yawm ad-Din and the Persians called it Nowruz.

Saturnalia is also marking a time in the Great Year known as the Golden Age where everybody inherits an equal share in good fortune because life is much easier on earth as God's Kingdom is in full bloom and no work is required for her bounty, everything is plentiful. This is also why part of the Saturnalia festivities is to have master wait on servant and reverse their roles because throughout our many incarnations we experience lives as a high born or low born.

The reason Saturn is associated with the Reaper and many view this as satanic or evil is because it represents the weighing of the Souls, the sorting of the wheat and tares. Those who do not pass Judgement or the Weighing of the Heart do not enter the Golden Age with the Christed, so Saturnalia as with the other celebrations around the December solstice is a time to reflect on your actions and turn to the path of good if you have allowed the devil (material world) to sway you from your true path as a divine spark of the Prime Creator.

If you are interested in more information about the symbols of Saturn may want to watch my video.

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