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Red Pilled/Blue Pilled: All Hypocrites?

Since uploading my first video in 2011, I have continued to observe global events slowly unfolding to this point in time where we have never been closer to a convergence of crises which are going to usher in the darkest days modern mankind has ever known.

In that time I have also witnessed many psyops come and go, most of the newly awakened would be completely unaware of these psyops. For instance back in 2012 we had a supposed high level anonymous insider called Drake giving us information and proclaiming there would be mass arrests of the elite. We also had propaganda psyops like Kony 2012 where they were basically beta testing their viral online campaigns on us, successfully encouraging people to put Kony 2012 flyers and stickers all over their towns. Then there was the “ice bucket challenge” testing their influence on the masses by getting them to tip buckets of ice and water over themselves and we also had their orchestrated protests like Occupy Wall St. But I have to tell you, after witnessing all the psyops and propaganda over the last ten years that has steered so many right into the ditch this latest one with Ukraine and Russia really has to take the cake.

Watching this mass psychosis being orchestrated on both sides of the political divide I can't in good conscience ignore the absolute hypocrisy I am now witnessing. Both sides of the political battleground are unaware that they're being propagandized and yet both sides believe they are absolutely righteous in their stance and support of either Ukraine, Putin or their deflection from Putin's behavior to only focus on the west's war mongering over the decades.

But before I go any further let's first make sure we absolutely understand the definition of propaganda and what it actually is. Firstly, propaganda doesn't mean information is incorrect or false, people can be propagandized by information that is indeed accurate. For example, over the past decade Russian state owned and operated media channel RT has been considered to be alternative news by many “red pilled” westerners. This was because RT was constantly dishing the dirt up on their own western governments and media and so they assumed this was because Putin was a “good guy” and cared about them enough to alert them to their own government's corruption.

What these people didn't realize, because they failed to engage in critical thinking, is that there was an agenda for RT to constantly dish the dirt out on every western government and media outlet while ignoring the corruption in their own Russian government and media. They were unaware that they were purposely being coerced into distrusting their own government and media while Putin was made out to be a victim of the west who could even be their savior and bring in world peace. I can't tell you how many times I saw comments from westerners proclaiming that they would rather have Putin as their leader than their own American politicians.

These Americans who were encouraged to be traitors to their own country were completely unaware that they were being influenced by Kremlin propaganda that was carefully crafting the image of ex-KGB agent Putin to appeal to western men. Videos and photos were regularly published of the shirtless alpha male, tough man Putin riding a horse, going hunting or displaying his skills in martial arts or ice hockey while their own political leaders were either blatant war mongers, big mouthed buffoons or a feeble old geriatric man. Unfortunately, these propagandized westerners failed to ask themselves why Putin was constantly providing them with all this dirt on their own governments and yet his own state owned and operated media outlet RT never dished out the dirt on all the corruption in the Russian government and media.

However, most didn't want to consider why Putin was providing them with all this information on their own governments because they desperately wanted to believe that somebody powerful was on their side helping them by revealing the corruption in their own governments, as Friedrich Nietzsche so eloquently explained:

Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.”

Well the moment Putin invaded Ukraine, those illusions should have been destroyed, any person who is in a search for truth and not just beliefs should have absolutely identified who Putin was at that point and refuse to be further propagandized. Unfortunately though, the large majority of people even the supposed “red pilled” don't actually want the truth, they aren't courageous enough to admit that Putin wasn't the good guy they were led to believe or that they had been psyoped by this evil psychopath and so this has left them completely open to more Kremlin propaganda.

Upon Putin's invasion of Ukraine propaganda immediately began to circulate on social media to draw them back in, like moths to a flame. Social media platforms were bombarded with Kremlin pysops ranging from “the war is not really happening, it's all just stage sets and crisis actors” to “Putin is actually on our side taking out the NWO and destroying biological weapons being created in Ukrainian labs”. Again, if these people had the slightest interest in truth and the ability to engage in some critical thinking they would easily identify that Putin really is bombing children in the Ukraine because he's a psychopath like every other leader in control of governments around the world. They would also identify that Putin has been playing his part in the Covid script over the last two years by creating a vaccine, force vaxxing his people, making them wear masks and enforcing the use of check in and vaccination apps. They would also identify that Putin has rubbed shoulders with every other psychopathic leader over the years from attending APEC summits to the attendance of multiple World Economic Forums to kissing the ring of his Jesuit master.

So while our own Western Governments are most certainly corrupted and profit from endless wars in second and third world countries. While the Western media outlets are nothing more than the platforms our corrupted and psychopathic governments use to influence the masses and control the narrative, it is not a justification to ignore the very real and blatant slaughter now taking place in the Ukraine at the directions of Putin. Anybody who is truly awake is now identifying that they are ALL actors in this script and they are playing out this Ukraine card to crash the global economy and bring in the great reset.

I can assure those who have been led to believe Putin is some kind of good guy and savior of the west, that after the coming crises of mass bankruptcies, food shortages, fuel shortages and black outs of the internet and electric grids happen, he will not be there to save us. When they have banned cash, put us on Universal Basic Income and issued us all an Internet ID and Social Credit score he will not be there to save us. And while conservatives bicker with leftists and share post after post on social media, accusing the left of hypocrisy on Ukraine in their failure to identify their own western government's war crimes, where exactly are Conservatives speaking out against what their government is enabling the Saudis to do to the people of Yemen?

So now we can see the hypocrisy of those on the Right who claim they are “red pilled” let's focus our attention to the blatant hypocrisy on display from Progressive Liberals. Yes those on the Left who proclaim in all their virtue signalling righteousness to stand with the people of Ukraine, those of on the Left who put the Ukraine flag on their profile picture and hashtag their support for Ukrainians, they are actually the biggest hypocrites in the room, their blatant display of selective compassion for humanity is quite pathetic.

While they are outraged at the actions of Putin invading Ukraine and killing innocent Ukrainians they are completely silent on the bloodshed that is on their hands due to the actions of their own government. Yes, there is blood on the hands of every single American, Brit and Canadian that stays silent about the slaughter of innocent people and children in Yemen. These Western Governments have been profiting off the sale of weapons to the Saudis for the last seven years and those weapons are being used to kill innocent people and children in Yemen. But it actually gets even worse because not only are the Saudis bombing these people with the weapons Western Governments are selling them, their barbaric actions towards the people of Yemen goes beyond just slaughter for they have even sort to torture the people in Yemen too. Many times during their invasion into Yemen using “Houthi Rebels” as a justification they have actually blockaded the port of Yemen and prevented not only food from coming into Yemen but also medical supplies.

Children who were sick and injured suffered without medical help and I did not see even one Progressive Liberal put a Yemen flag on their profile pic or hashtag Yemen to bring attention to the plight of the people and children suffering at the hands of the Saudis. Why is that? Is it because they have the wrong skin color? Is it because they are the wrong religion? Or is it because their emotions and outrage are completely controlled by the media and they require the media to tell them what to be outraged and emotional about. Without being told to support Yemen or to stand with Yemen, without being told to be the voice of the children of Yemen, they have no ability to engage in independent thought and stand up for the people of Yemen simply because it is the right thing to do. They're actually cowards, their desperate need to be accepted by others means they stay silent about the atrocities being enacted on the people of Yemen who are being slaughtered by the weapons their Western Governments are selling the Saudis and are profiting from. It's disgusting to witness such vacuous and disingenuous behavior, and if these Progressive Liberals had a shred of humanity and are as virtuous and authentic as they claim to be, they would stop their hypocrisy immediately and start speaking out for Yemen.

There is also this hatred being directed at the Russian people from Progressive Liberals blaming them for the actions of their dictator. It seems they are too propagandized to identify that the Russian people are also victims of this psychopath just as much as the Ukrainians. To all these virtue signalling Leftists who are now screaming for Russian citizens to be isolated, blamed and hated where is this compassion and humanity the Left claim to exemplify? They're nothing but a bunch of hypocrites, every one of them who claim to be compassionate humans but can't identify what's happening to the people of Russia and are not in the least bit concerned for what all these sanctions are going to do to innocent Russians. Putin has also now moved to block social media platforms in Russia which means innocent Russians are now completely voiceless and unable to communicate any atrocities that Putin enacts on them. But don't expect these virtue signalling Leftists to care, it is quite apparent that their scope of compassion only extends to those who their government and media directs them to feel compassion for.

Then we have the Left's embarrassing worship of Zelenskyy, who is literally an actor. I mean they're putting it right in our faces in the most insulting way and telling us that they have an actor playing the part of the Ukrainian president. But Progressive Liberals are so blinded by their own superiority complex and they've allowed themselves to become so propagandized they can't identify that the people they look to as their saviors and put their absolute trust in to keep them safe, are actually cold blooded psychopaths who want nothing more than their demise.

For the last decade I have lived in hope of mankind awakening to the corruption and evil that now has a grasp on our world and join me in opposing their corruption and plans for humanity, but I see now it was an exercise in folly. For their grip is not only on our world governments it's also on the minds of the people, the propaganda is so deeply ingrained that neither Right nor Left can identify they are victims of it. Instead of waking up and joining our voices in a show of strength against those who are the enemy of Mankind we are now in this hopeless doomloop of attacking the opposing side while those orchestrating this division, smugly look on from the sidelines pleased with how successfully they have brainwashed all of humanity.

I will finish with this quote from Joseph Goebbels who was the Minister of Public Enlightenment in Nazi Germany and hope that more people start to identify what propaganda is and refuse to allow themselves to be a victim of it.

"Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident that they are acting on their free will." - Joseph Goebbels who was the Minister of Public Enlightenment in Nazi Germany

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