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Our False Reality is Now Crumbling

So for a very long time, I have been warning that bad shit was coming down the line and it would all culminate in a war, a big one. I'm pretty sure the events over the last two weeks have worked to awaken more people to at the very least this possibility. Though while this conflict between Russia and Ukraine will absolutely set the stage for the next paradigm shift in our world, I don't think we're at the part in their Script where they unleash thermonuclear war across the planet just yet. Over the last two years they've played the Covid card in their stage show an no doubt it's responsible for waking up large part of the population to the evil and corrupt individuals in control of our world, however no doubt this is all by design too. A large disgruntled section of society is a perfect justification for them to bring in more laws and dissolve more of our freedoms. Just look at what happened to those Canadian Truckers, those temporary emergency laws which were enacted to freeze the financial accounts of protesters and their supporters are now permanent.

Until Covid hit two years ago those who had identified the endemic corruption and evil in control of our world governments were in the very few and had pretty much given up trying to wake up those who were happy with the status quo. Because let's get this straight, those who have woken up in the last two years did so because it was literally impossible to ignore the insanity being rolled out on mankind using a pandemic as justification, but where were you before 2020? No doubt many of you who are late to the game and only woke up to the reality of the illusion you've been living in your entire life would still be asleep if it wasn't for that rude and abrupt interruption to the status quo of the corrupted system that you were okay with. I have even seen many of these newly awakened people claiming that they just want life to go back to how it was before the pandemic? What? No. Fuck no, that system was broken, toxic and corrupted, the only reason anybody would want to go back to that is because they were never really awake in the first place. As long as they were left alone to indulge in their vices of greed, gluttony, easy sex, partying and getting shit faced every weekend they were okay with the broken system and evil people in control of our world governments.

Hopefully however the actions of these corrupted world governments all acting in unison to lock down their healthy civilians and force vaccinate them and their children over what pretty much amounted to a bad flu, was enough for people to wake up to the illusion they've been living in and motivate them to keep searching out more information. Even so, the large majority of these newly awakened people will fall into every snare that has been set for them, endlessly chasing their tails with propaganda and psyops literally making them no different to the sheeps who they deride and ridicule. Look, if that's you, just know it happens to us all and ten years ago those of us who were diligently searching out answers were also steered into many a ditch. The difference is that you don't stay and wallow in that ditch as new information comes into your possession, you swallow your pride, climb out of it and continue seeking.

However it is very unfortunate that the majority of people are mentally lazy and don't go and research knowledge for themselves, they just scroll social media in the delusion they will find the truth on a Facebook or Twitter feed. In a world that is now submerged beneath a layer of white noise and disinformation it is absolutely imperative that a seeker of truth engages in critical thinking. People often hear the term “critical thinking” but few actually understand what it really means. To engage in critical thinking you must stay emotionally neutral when presented information and you must be critical and look for flaws in all information even if it's something you want to believe is true while questioning the motivation of those providing you with the information. Yes, this is arduous and takes time but there is no substitute for doing your own research, there is no easy path to finding the truth. If you can't be bothered to research and verify every single piece of information that crosses your path and continue seeking more answers then seriously give up now it would be better for you to just go back to sleep with the other sheeps. If your idea of seeking out truth is listening to your favorite truther tell you what to believe or sharing conspiracy memes on social media then you may as well live in blissful ignorance until they blind side you with the next horrors they have in store for mankind.

Judging by the behavior of people in my own community I don't think we have very long before that blindside materializes in our lives. What I mean by that is that ten years ago, even five years ago there were not many people who had woken up to the absolute endemic corruption infesting our governments and every sector of our lives. It was hard enough dealing with the blow back and hate uploading videos to bring it to people's attention let alone talk about it to those in my immediate environment. The outcome of relaying this knowledge to those in your community was either outright hostility or their eyes would glaze over as they just had no ability to process the words and concepts coming out of your brain and mouth. However, I am now having daily conversations in real life with normies talking to me about “the fake system” and “the fake media” and “the globalists”. I am sure others who were awake long before 2020 can relate to how weird this is too, regrettably however even though these people have woken up to the fact that something is wrong with the world, they have fallen into this left/right mentality and bring it all down to their political preferences and beliefs. Unfortunately those in control of our governments and media are very good at psychologically manipulating us and so they created a polarizing division between us using our differing ideological beliefs by twisting them into something hostile and combative.

Over the past century they have absolutely honed their skills in manipulating our minds and psyches, they've had two world wars to test their propaganda and social engineering skills on mankind so that when the timing was right they could fully utilise that knowledge to turn us against each other weakening and destroying the cohesion in our societies. A divided society is a weak society and by dividing us they ensured we were no threat to them or their agenda. Just look at how successful they've been, look at how fragmented our civilization is based on political ideologies, gender, sexual orientation, religion and race. While we are all at war against each other and being distracted arguing about petty things on social media they are getting ready to play out the next sub-plot in their Script, a Russia/China war against the Euro/West that will crash the global economy and justify them bringing in the great reset.

Even now most of the newly awakened have no real understanding of the powerful secret groups within our society and the knowledge these secret groups possess which has allowed them to have such power over the material world and mankind. They think sharing memes about the Illuminati, Klaus Schwaub, the Rothschilds or George Soros means they have a grasp of who their enemy are when in reality they are just being led down more false paths. Yes those people I just named are indeed in league with the devil but the real hidden hand orchestrating everything from behind the curtain is the oldest, richest organization on the earth and one that has continuously been in power for a thousand years. What so many people are completely unaware of is that they've had centuries and centuries to infiltrate and find their way into every organization - the media, medical industry, religious organizations, technology, financial organizations and educational institutes.

They have enslaved mankind in a mental prison shaped and influenced by the media, celebrities, politicians and the financial system. They knew the way to control the masses was by encouraging them to indulge in their vices and giving them easy access to alcohol, drugs and destroying the morality of our society by making a belief in a Creator something of a mockery and then elevating their scientists and celebrities to be the gods that mankind listen to with authority. They began using the media to socially engineer our society by encouraging people including children to idolize promiscuous and degenerate behaviour, this helped to break down the stability of the male/female partnership and the family unit that was the basis for a strong morally healthy society. They started demonizing the societal roles of the traditional family even going as far as to entirely dismantle it and label it as something white privileged society invented.

A family unit is traditional not because it's something that some snobby Christian Puritans have put in place to control women but because that is how we are meant to exist aligned with Universal Law. When we are in alignment with the Universal Law of Gender our consciousness and souls are reflecting this in our physical experience and we feel stability and foundation, this in turn creates a healthy society. What they did was remove the stability we found in our gender roles by discrediting the woman's role as a homemaker, mother, wife and nurturer labelling it as inferior and unimportant thus creating resentment between the genders and a modern female believing she must match a man physically, sexually and financially to be seen as his equal. The result of this dysfunction between the sexes is now a confused and desperately unhappy society distrustful of the opposite gender and trying to find meaningful or casual relationships on shallow dating sites where a person is judged solely on their physical appearance. Women have been brainwashed to believe they are empowered by sexually promiscuous and immoral behavior while disillusioned and confused men have been told their natural attributes of masculinity are “toxic” and so many have decided to extricate themselves from relationships entirely labelling themselves MGTOW.

So while they use social media, news media and Hollywood to enact their divide and conquer strategy on us, while we are distracted with seeing an enemy in everybody around us, they've continued to dismantle our world using the pandemic to ensnare us evermore in their digital net while stealing more and more of our freedoms. The majority of society spend every waking moment glued to their devices consuming propaganda and disinformation that shapes their realities. They can't identify what's right in front of their faces because the illusion those in control have created have them mentally chained to the belief that what they see on the media is the truth.This is regardless of whether it's those who have been ensnared in the conspiracy psyops, or those who believe the authorities are doing everything for their safety and to make their lives better.

As I mentioned earlier this conflict between Russia and Ukraine will absolutely set the stage for the next paradigm shift in our world, but I doubt they are ready to unleash thermonuclear war across the planet just yet. They still have some more cards left to play before they play out that last Act in their Script and before they completely destroy what they can't inherit they're going to make us suffer, so expect food shortages, expect our internet and communications to be taken out, expect our electricity grids to go down, expect financial loss and expect another pandemic, a real one that is tangible and it's victims are everywhere.

People have to understand in these lower times of the Iron Age corruption offers an easy path for a soul because you can get ahead through manipulation and deceit. When people forget that first and foremost they are souls and are accountable to Universal Laws they no longer have a fear for what is to come after they cease to be enshrined in that corpse they are dragging around. Hence they indulge in all their vices with complete ignorance of what this means for their soul when they exit this material plane. In these times God has been replaced by money and the soul who collects the most material wealth can use it to gain ultimate power over others and the material world, money can literally buy you god like status.

So my advice to all the newly awakened is be very wary of social media until you have a grasp of the basics and a good understanding of your enemy and how they work because you are very susceptible to propaganda and disinformation. Ensure you research and verify all information being presented to you as truth and take nothing at face value especially on social media even if it's something you want to believe is true. Yes this takes time and energy but the rewards are you will be walking the narrow path to the truth not being sent into the ditch falling for every psyop and lie being pushed by those who's intentions are to keep you ignorant and unaware of your true potential and power.

The illusion of the world they created and we have accepted as our reality is now crumbling around us, they are taking off their masks and slowly more and more people are identifying that something is wrong with our world.

Don't wake up to just be put back to sleep,make it count for something, keep questioning everything until you peel it all back to something beyond a material understanding of your life and the world, only then have you taken your power back and only then will you have no real fear of what is now unfolding around us.

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